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Woman doing pilates workout to improve core strength.“Thanks for a great year of exer­cise!  I appre­ci­ate how dif­fer­ent you make each class and still pay atten­tion to our indi­vid­ual needs.  I am stronger and feel grate­ful for your coach­ing”. Alice

“Sue has a ter­rific knowl­edge base and years of expe­ri­ence in design­ing indi­vid­u­al­ized fit­ness pro­grams. As a result, she varies each work­out to keep it chal­leng­ing and inter­est­ing while her calm and encour­ag­ing man­ner insures steady improve­ment.” Marjie

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Whether you train pri­vately with Sue, or take one of her classes (TRX, Pilates Mat, Pilates and Sculpt) you will ben­e­fit from her warm and friendly highly pro­fes­sional approach to work­ing with her clients.

Sue Bream has worked in the health and fit­ness indus­try for over 15 years. She is an A.C.S.M. and A.C.E. cer­ti­fied per­sonal trainer and cer­ti­fied Pilates Instruc­tor.  Pas­sion­ate about health and fit­ness, Sue believes that being healthy and fit is a way of life, and a choice that we all can make, thus the name of her busi­ness
Fit­ness Choices.

Sue is skilled at work­ing with any level of exer­ciser, from some­one who has never lifted weights or taken an exer­cise class to ama­teur ath­letes. One of Sue’s pas­sions is work­ing with clients who have suf­fered a neu­ro­log­i­cal injury. She works with these clients through Plus One Foun­da­tion. Read about one of her clients, Robby.

Sue has been com­mit­ted to fit­ness her entire adult life and is an expert at cre­at­ing fit­ness pro­grams that address weight loss goals, basic health and fit­ness goals, menopause issues, preg­nan­cies, post-natal con­di­tion­ing, post-injury strength­en­ing, and more. Sue is the cre­ator of Fit4Diving, an 8-week video fit­ness pro­gram for scuba divers.

Sue began her per­sonal train­ing career at Seat­tle Ath­letic Club Down­town and after a cou­ple of years there, started her own per­sonal train­ing business.She also ran “Get Your Bear­ings” Inline Skate School from 1997–2007 where she taught numer­ous adults and kids how to inline skate.  At that time, she com­peted in both out­door inline skate marathons as well as indoor short track.

Through teach­ing her clients about move­ment and healthy nutri­tion, she makes a dif­fer­ence to many peo­ple of all ages and phys­i­cal abil­i­ties. Sue stays active and fit through run­ning (loves half-marathons), scuba div­ing, swim­ming, Pilates, TRX work­outs, weight lift­ing, as well as walk­ing her dogs, hik­ing, and kayaking.

Ready to strengthen your core with Sue? Email or call 206–782‑2199 today for a FREE, no-pressure consultation.

Testimonials for Sue Bream

  1. Beth said:

    I have been very over­weight and out of shape for most of my adult life. I finally decided that I wasn’t going to enter my ‘40’s think­ing the same thing as when I entered my ‘30’s—that I really wished I was in bet­ter shape. So at almost 39, I got up the nerve to look into get­ting a per­sonal trainer. I found Sue Bream at Out­ra­geously Fit, and it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I was com­pletely self-conscious and ner­vous before I went to my first appoint­ment, but Sue was so cool and non-judgy that I very soon felt at ease. I have dis­cov­ered that I actu­ally LIKE to work out, and I have never felt bet­ter. I am shocked to find that there might be an ath­lete lurk­ing inside me! If you are at all think­ing about get­ting in shape and work­ing with a trainer, totally do it. If it is that first appoint­ment or phone call that is stop­ping you, don’t let it. I wish I had called ear­lier, but I am glad I finally did. Sue is really cre­ative and work­ing out with her is fun.

    If you want to talk to some­one who NEVER thought they would be work­ing out reg­u­larly, or if you are ter­ri­fied, like I was, of start­ing, ask Sue for my email address!

  2. Judy said:

    I have taken Sue’s early morn­ing fit­ness class for years. The class has from 4–6 mem­bers. Over the years we have become quite bonded. I this is par­tially due to Sue’s relaxed style. The atmos­phere is friendly and sup­port­ive. Sue is very aware of each student’s abil­i­ties and indi­vid­ual needs. She knows just when to add a chal­lenge or when to sug­gest we make a mod­i­fi­ca­tion to avoid injury. This class works for me because I know that some­one cares if I come or not. I am not just a name on the roster.

  3. Marjie said:

    Sue has a ter­rific knowl­edge base and years of expe­ri­ence in design­ing indi­vid­u­al­ized fit­ness pro­grams. As a result, she varies each work­out to keep it chal­leng­ing and inter­est­ing while her calm and encour­ag­ing man­ner insures steady improvement.

  4. Alice Shobe said:

    Thanks for a great year of exer­cise! I appre­ci­ate how dif­fer­ent you make each class and still pay atten­tion to our indi­vid­ual needs. I am stronger and feel grate­ful for your coaching.

  5. Kristen Bergsman said:

    I look for­ward to Mon­day and Wednes­day morn­ings because I get to go to pilates class. Sue’s Mom/Baby Pilates Classes are relaxed and fun, offer­ing mat exer­cises with balls, weights, and other tools for added vari­ety. I love the focus on tun­ing up my post-baby body, with atten­tion to abs, pelvic floor, buns, and shoul­ders. I’ve been sur­prised by the toll that nurs­ing and hold­ing my baby has done to my neck and shoul­ders, but this class helps stretch and strengthen those areas. Just 4.5 months and I’m back to my pre-baby weight and am start­ing to feel my strength and energy com­ing back. What’s more, the other Moms are fan­tas­tic, and Sue even holds my baby when she starts to fuss.”

    ~Kris­ten, age 36, mother of a 4.5 month old baby

  6. Julie said:

    I met Sue in her “Mom & Baby Pilates Class” as I set out to get back into shape after my sec­ond daugh­ter was born in 2007. Sue was incred­i­bly encour­ag­ing and sup­port­ive of our group of moth­ers and babies and pro­vided a great core-focused work­out. When the ses­sion was fin­ished, I enjoyed my work­outs with Sue so much that I didn’t want them to end! So I teamed up with my girl­friend who also recently had a baby and we began doing paired work­outs with Sue at Out­ra­geously Fit! For the past 5 years, Sue has pro­vided excel­lent per­sonal train­ing to sup­port our fit­ness reg­i­mens through injuries, ski sea­sons, swim­suit sea­sons and all the ups and downs of (almost) mid­dle age. She incor­po­rates a vari­ety of free weights, pilates, yoga ball & mat exer­cises so that each work­out is dif­fer­ent. She cares about her clients on a per­sonal level and makes sure the work­outs are meet­ing our goals and has the flex­i­bil­ity to adjust them as our needs change. Thank you, Sue!!

  7. Susanna- age 37 said:

    When I started work­ing with Sue, my body was a for­eign ter­ri­tory. I had worked out a lit­tle in col­lege but not really since then. I was look­ing to tighten and tone my body while gain­ing strength. Sue worked patiently with me, intro­duc­ing me to a range of motion and exer­cise while teach­ing me the most basic things, like breath­ing and how to hold my mus­cles while stand­ing. Each ses­sion was dif­fer­ent and fresh. My mus­cles began to tone. I started to stand straighter. But best of all, I became famil­iar with my body and all that it could do. Sue is an excel­lent coach who takes a holis­tic approach to each client, bal­anc­ing mind and body to help you grow strong at a pace and for­mat that works for you. Highly recommended.”

  8. Tom Remmers said:

    After many years it finally hap­pened, my GP gave me an ulti­ma­tum to drop my cho­les­terol or go on med­ica­tion. Some­thing new in my exer­cise reg­i­men was needed and a friend rec­om­mended Sue’s TRX class. I nor­mally don’t go to exer­cise classes, but I was intrigued that for the win­ter sea­son, Sue was focus­ing on strength­en­ing for ski­ing. The class was con­ve­nient to attend and a hard work­out, eas­ily adjustable to be as dif­fi­cult as you wanted. The TRX device is so sim­ple and effec­tive, and Sue does a great job of mix­ing things up with other exer­cises and fine-tuning the work­out to your needs.

    And the results? My ski­ing improved dra­mat­i­cally, both in tech­nique and endurance, and dur­ing an epic pow­der day at Crys­tal I was finally able to keep up with my bud­dies. And best of all, six weeks later, I had dropped 70 points and heard what every­one wants to hear from their doc­tor, “See you next year!”

  9. Juni said:

    Any hes­i­ta­tion I had in hir­ing a per­sonal trainer dimin­ished after my first ses­sion with Sue. My mom and I wanted a woman who would help us meet our fit­ness goals together, as a sort of mother/daughter expe­ri­ence. Sue has exceeded our expec­ta­tions from day one of train­ing. She lis­tened care­fully to our var­ied con­cerns and tai­lored a fun work­out that meets both my own as well as my mom’s fit­ness goals. I appre­ci­ate Sue’s calm­ness and abil­ity to keep us moti­vated. Each moment we spend together is effec­tive. Her patient demeanor is sub­tly woven with a firm per­sis­tence to stay the course, help­ing us to achieve those ini­tial goals. My body has changed since meet­ing Sue; I am stronger and more toned. Our ses­sions with Sue leave me feel­ing ener­getic and con­fi­dent, help­ing me to avoid slug­gish­ness and tackle the rest of my week.

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