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Sheri K. Mar

Sheri K. Mar, MS, CN, ACE-PT, ACE-AHFS, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist, Certified Nutritionist

“I am a totally blind senior and have been working with Sheri for more than a year to improve my bone and muscle strength, with excellent results. I feel great and have more energy, and my flexibility, agility, and muscle strength have all gotten better. I have better mobility and confidence now as well”.

“Sheri has a very calm, pleasant manner and is intuitive about knowing what people need to improve their physical condition, adapting her routines to your abilities and limitations”.

Background: Sheri has over 14 years’ experience in private-practice nutrition counseling (with a Masters degree in Nutrition) and over 10 years’ experience in personal training, as well as over 10 years’ training in dance. She has created customized programs for clients who have health conditions related to cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic, and musculoskeletal issues, as well as disabilities related to cognitive or visual impairment.

Sheri enjoys working with people who are new to exercise programs or who are resuming exercise after a long absence. She especially likes working with older clients who wish to maintain an active lifestyle. Along with her background in nutrition and personal training, Sheri uses her dance experience to help her clients improve their balance, posture and alignment in order to ease pain and prevent injury. Her customized programs are created to be fun and innovative.

Goal: Sheri aims to help her clients towards optimal health and wellness through:

  • proper nutrition
  • life balance and stress reduction
  • exercise and physical activity

Passion: Sheri maintains a healthy, active lifestyle and loves helping clients do the same. “It’s very rewarding to see people living their lives with confidence and free of pain!”

Sheri offers one-on-one personal training sessions. Free 15 minute consultations are available.

Now celebrating 12+ years of nutrition counseling and personal fitness training services in the Pacific Northwest.   Eat Well, Be Fit!

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