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Carla Quam

Owner of Outrageously Fit, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified TRX Suspension Trainer, Medical Exercise Specialist, Post-Rehabilitation Professional, 23 Years Experience

Carla is known for her compassion and creativity. She believes exercise should be enjoyable and not a chore. Her routines are engaging, results-oriented, and fun. Carla will push her clients to their maximal potential in a safe and effective manner. Her clients achieve a positive attitude toward exercise so they are more likely to continue an ongoing fit and healthy lifestyle on their own. Carla’s personal physical experience in overcoming limitations along with her support and guidance creates an encouraging environment for her clients to have the commitment and determination needed to obtain optimal results… and is key to success.

Carla has many group options available…
click small group personal training to see availabilities. Her current one-on-one times available are Mondays 9:00am, Tuesdays 9:00am, Wednesdays 9:00am, and Thursdays 9:00am.

Carla’s training style focuses on injury prevention, weight loss, and all aspects of fitness: muscle strength, endurance, and power; cardiovascular conditioning; posture improvement; balance and stability; agility, and flexibility. She can train the beginning exerciser on up to the experienced hardcore exerciser.

Weight loss clients are encouraged to seek guidance from a registered dietician, but it’s not required. Resources will be provided if desired. General nutritional guidelines will available through Carla. Clients will get a fitness assessment prior to beginning their workout regimen. This will ensure the routine is safe, effective, and designed appropriately to each individuals goals.

Carla is certified through: American College of Sports Medicine–ACSM American Academy of Health, Fitness, and Rehabilitation Professionals–AAHFRP as a Medical Exercise Specialist and Post-rehabilitation Professional Carla is a certified TRX Suspension Trainer.

Carla kicks your butt with­out crush­ing your soul. I’ve spent the last few years work­ing out with Carla Quam, a trainer and owner of Out­ra­geously Fit and it has been some of the best spent time of my life.
Carla Quam is out­stand­ing. She designs inter­est­ing, var­ied work­outs appro­pri­ate for your level of fit­ness while know­ing how hard to push. She is excep­tional at teach­ing you how to per­form each exer­cise cor­rectly such that you achieve max­i­mal ben­e­fit and avoid injury at the same time. I used to hate work­ing out until I met Carla
Teresa Wagner, MD
At 29 years old, I had spinal cord injury after I was hit in a serious car accident. The results left me weak, scared, and physically limited. I ended up gaining 40lbs, but I was determined to not let this define my life. That’s when I met Carla – she developed a plan that focused on circuit-style training and introduced me to a wonderful nutritionist. Carla always made me feel safe with my spinal concerns and never pushed me beyond what she knew I could handle. I can’t begin to tell you how great it’s been to feel strong again and not live in fear about what might hurt. Instead, I’m actually excited to do push ups! Within a year and a half, I’ve not only lost the 40lbs I gained after the accident, but I’ve also lost another 16lbs – total weight loss of 56lbs (and counting). I’m healthier, happier, and more fit than I’ve ever been and I owe so much of that to Carla.
Jana M

Jana before:

Jana after:

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  1. JM September 17, 1995 at 10:31 pm

    By far, the best trainer I’ve ever worked with! After working out with numerous trainers at big gyms and small personal training studios, I was thankfully introduced to Carla and from the start I knew that she was different than everyone else I’ve worked out with. She listens and understands what your goals, needs and limitations are and quickly adapts each session to those requirements.

    Being a 31 year old who has had spinal cord surgery, I was pretty timid about getting back into shape. Carla really listened to my concerns and goals and immediately took away all of my fears and designed a plan that was extremely adaptable as I grew stronger and more confident. She has a perfect blend of pushing you to do your best without being overwhelming. Her amount of knowledge is pretty incredible and I’m so happy with my results so far!

  2. Dave and Carlene September 30, 1995 at 1:17 am

    We first met Carla so many years ago through a referral from one of her clients. Approximately 8 years ago, we started working out together with Carla twice weekly as a way to spend time together while doing something that was beneficial for our physical health. We had tried gym memberships in the past, however, consistently found that a membership provided far too many easy excuses for skipping workouts. We found that Carla consistently monitors our progress from session to session and helps us meet our individual goals. One of our favorite aspects of working out with Carla as our personal trainer is that you never repeat the same workout twice! After 10 years of workouts Carla still has the ability to push us to the point of exhaustion while having fun and providing encouragement when necessary. Working out at Outrageously Fit is never boring because it’s always challenging, and believe it or not, we have a good time too.

  3. Lara November 30, 1996 at 12:00 am

    I have known Carla for over 18 years. I am constantly amazed at how knowledgeable, skilled, and ahead of the times she always is in the area of fitness and personal training. She has high expectations of the other trainers in the studio as well. Your specific needs are focused on, and with your trainer’s help, you will reach your goals and beyond. The studio is well set up with a wide array of equipment. There are private one on one sessions, small group workouts, classes, and events available. Once you start Outrageously Fit you will wonder why it took you so long! I know that sounds corny but it’s true!

  4. JBS December 22, 1996 at 11:28 am

    Carla kicks your butt without crushing your soul

    I’ve spent the last few years working out with Carla Quam, a trainer and owner of Outrageously Fit and it has been some of the best spent time of my life. My original goals were to provide my wife with good “arm-candy” and to get into shape for our newborn’s sake (my exercise and eating habits weren’t going to exactly extend my life by any means…)

    Carla quickly took stock of my goals as well as my general physical and dietary condition and with a minimum of poking and prodding, has driven me to losing half of my body fat (in a good way) and after a year can still send me home exhausted (also in a good way).

    Like Carla, the studio is small, clean and lively. The things (besides work & general laziness) that kept me away from the gym in the past, was that when I tried other clubs I felt fat, weak and confused from the second I got there and on the flip side, working out at home never panned out as I never could tell if I was doing it right, nor was I willing to really push myself regularly.

    That’s one of the biggest reasons I was so thrilled that my wife found Carla and Outrageously Fit for me. The staff schedule things so that you never feel overwhelmed or boxed in and this is definately NOT a meat-market environment, this is a serious facility where people have goals to meet, and enjoy the time they spend working out. The people there are motivated and it rubs off – you have one-on-one attention and with Carla you really feel like your success matters to her.

    The long and short of it is thus: fun, friendly trainers in a low pressure environment who figure out what you need and then get you to do it. It’s great.

  5. Vana May 21, 1998 at 3:21 am

    Carla has been my personal trainer for approximately 12 years. She’s very knowledgeable and very skillful, but to me her greatest talent is her ability to focus on her clients personal goals and to find methods to help each client attain them.

    When I came to her initially I wanted to lose fat and get in better shape but felt physically defeated because of mobility problems caused by a frozen shoulder. Hours of physical therapy had done little to help me beyond temporarily easing the pain. Carla was terrific. She created result-producing sessions for our time together. She referred me to a R.D. who devised an eating program that worked for me. She helped me get a pulley system for my shoulder, and developed a complete work-out program I could use with it at home to supplement our work in the studio. It has all worked beautifully for me. I’m happy with my weight, I’m back to full mobility with my shoulder, and I’m much, much stronger.

    The recent remodeling of Carla’s studio is really just icing on the cake. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. For me there’s no one better able to give me the personal attention I need to be in the physical shape I want.

  6. Laura November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am

    In 1996 I was trying to maintain not smoking, decrease my weight, and get in shape. I had joined a gym six months before and worked out regularly, but was just not getting the results I wanted. A friend told me to try a personal trainer, but I thought that personal trainers were for wealthy people already in great shape.

    Finally, I decided to try it out and that is when I discovered Carla Quam. I have trained with Carla since 1996 and in those years I have gotten more fit, stayed off of cigarettes, and learned how to make fitness my lifestyle. I have a bad knee and because of Carla’s unique experience in dealing with joint injuries, my knee is the strongest it has ever been. I have much less pain with it and haven’t injured it from working out since I started training with Carla, even though we sometimes really work my legs.

    I have been training at Outrageously Fit (OF) since it first opened and would never think of going anywhere else. I have taken many of the classes at OF and know all the trainers. Each one offers a unique style and interest in fitness, making OF one of the most diverse and fun places I have ever worked out at. In addition to giving their clients great training, I feel that the people at OF provide a wonderful support network for all aspects of fitness and health. Whether I have a question about fitness, nutrition, massage or even my son’s growing pains, I can always ask someone at the studio and they gladly point me in the right direction.

    In all the years I have trained at O.F., I have never felt bored or stuck on a plateau. I am constantly challenged and feel like I continue to move forward in fitness. I haven’t used a weight machine at a health club in years, yet, I have never felt stronger than I do now. OF takes fitness to the next level and that is why I love going there.

  7. J. Dean July 29, 2008 at 6:12 am

    I have been a client of Carla’s for a while now and the results have been outrageous! The facilities are intimate and clean and they have everything needed for a complete workout. Carla assessed my initial situation and tailored a program that fit my goals. She is great to work with, and I have never had the same workout twice. I always leave feeling tired and feeling good. I really like the focus on the basics of strength building, core exercises and aerobic training. After 4 months I lost 12 pounds of fat and gained 4 pounds of muscle and I can’t describe the change in attitude I have about my own body image. I’ve visited the new LA Fitness down the block and left starry-eyed at the facilities, but the personalized training regimen I receive from Carla could never be duplicated there.

  8. Teresa W. January 29, 2009 at 11:42 am

    Carla Quam is outstanding. She designs interesting, varied workouts appropriate for your level of fitness while knowing how hard to push. She is exceptional at teaching you how to perform each exercise correctly such that you achieve maximal benefit and avoid injury at the same time. I used to hate working out until I met Carla.

  9. Julie D. November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    I love working out at Outrageously Fit! Carla Quam is amazing. It’s a comfortable, well equipped space and my workouts are varied, yet targeted to exactly what I need each time. Carla gives one on one attention for the full hour, even in a group setting. The price is right too! Very reasonable for the benefit that I get twice a week, every week.

  10. Denise B. April 29, 2011 at 1:30 am

    The best trainer I have ever worked with. Changed my life.

  11. Ann K. November 29, 2011 at 1:18 am

    Training with Carla has been fantastic. She is innovative, direct, and focused, yet also manages to let you know she genuinely cares about your overall health and well-being. While muscle toning and strength-training are key areas of Carla’s training style, she addresses cardiovascular and flexibility as well – building an individualized training program that is challenging, interesting, and fun. She is the perfect blend in a trainer – tough when you need it, and an uncanny ability to push you farther than you think you can go. I highly recommend her!

  12. Timothy November 29, 2011 at 1:19 am

    I started going to Outrageously Fit about 11 years ago. Although I had used personal trainers in the past I have never had anyone who was as thorough and capable as Carla Quam. I am 55 years old and when I started with Carla I weighed 158 pounds, and on my 6’2″ frame was not much. I also was not very toned or strong. I am now weighing in at 165 pounds with no flab anywhere.

    I went skiing for the first time in 30 years and am about to take up squash. Not only does working out help get your body in shape but mentally I feel I can do anything physical without being afraid. Particularly because we don’t just work on bulking up or getting great abs or pecs, but a major part of the workout is devoted to balance and working in areas of your body that give you your underlying strength i.e: rotator cuff; knee stability exercises. No trainer has worked these areas before.

    Also, my past trainers have never exhibited such patience. It has been a pleasure to work out with Carla, and I look forward to her keeping me in shape for many years to come.

  13. Jennie November 29, 2011 at 1:19 am

    I came to Outrageously Fit as a person who hated exercise. I had finally realized that the only way I was going to start doing it regularly was to have someone forcing me to both show up and work to my potential. After checking out and deciding against a couple of other training studios, I met with Carla, and right away I knew I’d found my fitness guide.

    Carla is a terrific motivator with skills in rehabilitation and in helping people to overcome fitness blocks and injuries. I was surprised when I found out we wouldn’t just be working on the regular old ‘weights and cardio’ routine, but would also be adding in a number of exercises designed to increase balance and stability. I didn’t know I needed these, but after a few months of them I realized that a lifetime of knee problems may not be in my future after all. Instead, I’ve developed stable joints and a strong core, and feel that I can participate in activities I wouldn’t have dared before.

    As a trainer, Carla has helped me identify my strong fitness areas and has designed programs that made me learn to enjoy working out, finally. She also continues to help me improve my weaker areas. Additionally, she is a very flexible trainer – I had a repetitive-strain injury so she was able to design a whole new type of workout so that I would still get a strength workout without overtaxing my arms – pretty amazing!

    Carla is the sort of person who expects greatness from you, so you are inspired to it yourself. So that, even on days when you don’t really care about letting yourself down, you never want to let her down, and that gets you through. This is a quality found only in the best teachers, and you will find it in Carla Quam at Outrageously Fit.

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