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Teen Kickboxing Begins Soon!
For ages 13-17. More details coming soon.

Postpartum Pilates now added to Fridays 9:30am ~ babies welcome!

Babies like Pilates too

Babies like Pilates too

Pilates is the best way to strengthen and tone your core muscles. During pregnancy and after childbirth, no matter how long ago you gave birth, your body has gone through numerous changes, including weakening and stretching the abdominals and pelvic floor muscles, often stressing the back muscles, and tightening the front of the shoulders and chest muscles. Moms deserve to focus their attention on themselves for part of the day, especially when it comes to their health and physical fitness.

TRX Suspension Circuit Training (adding more ski-specific exercises this fall)   Mondays 6:30pm

Woman suspended from TRX straps.

See…she’s smiling

This overall conditioning class combines the amazing TRX Suspension System along with other body weight, balance, agility, and cardiovascular stations in a circuit training format. Other equipment used will be medicine balls, free weights, bosu, jump rope, step benches and introducing our new “battle ropes”!

The TRX was created by the U.S. Navy Seals. It uses your own body weight and gravity to give you an incredible workout. This class will improve your strength, power, balance, agility, flexibility, as well as cardivascular conditioning. Class size is kept small to ensure the workout is safe and geared toward individual fitness levels (4-8 people).

Teen Kickboxing classes starting October!

Self-Defense for Women

Student practicing a self-defense technique at Fighting Chance Seattle.

Protect yourself!

Trainer Jordan Giarratano offers a semi-monthly Self-Defense for Women workshop at Outrageously Fit.

The goal of this workshop is to empower women physically, mentally and emotionally to protect themselves in the event of a physical attack. Through custom-designed drills, breathing exercises, striking routines and safe grappling simulations students will learn to control their nerves and defend their boundaries.

Check for current schedule here: Self-Defense for WomenJordan Giarratano also offers private self-defense lessons on-site at Outrageously Fit. If you’re interested, please contact him by email or by calling 855-200-3656.



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