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Nutrition Seminar

N E W  S E M I N A R  C O M I N G  I N  S P R I N G
held at Outrageously Fit Personal Training Studio
Please check back for details.

Seminars are offered at the O.F. studio and a variety of locations at affordable costs and some at no charge. Cost is dependent on the presenter and location. Presenters are R.D.’s, certified nutritionists, naturopaths, certified personal trainers, and wellness
coaches. Open to everyone, not just Outrageously Fit clients.

Some of the topics include:

  • How to increase performance for your sport and activities; on and off season
  • Updated info on dietary requirements/supplements
  • Weight loss vs fat loss and muscle gain
  • Proper snacking; healthy meal recipes
  • Eating organic
  • Facts vs fiction
  • The reality of long-term weight loss; it can be done!
  • Fast track programs with supplements

You can also fill out the contact-us form on the website and let us know a topic you’d like to hear about.


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